You too can have a celebrity portrait

You may be wondering what a portrait of a celebrity and you have in common. Well quite a lot actually. All the same rules of composition and lighting still apply. They just happen to be famous! You might have seen a certain look of a celebrity photograph and thought that would do nicely as a style to copy for your headshot for your profile photograph.

You’ll see a few examples above that is a screenshot from Pinterest that show you a few styles to think about. If you go to my pinterest page by clicking HERE you’ll see a lot more and I’ve even broken them down into looks and styles so it should be easy to find something you like.

As a headshot photographer it really helps when a client can show me examples of the sort of style they are after. You could even pick out your own moodboard and EMAIL it to me and we can discuss the sorts of things you would like.

celebrity headshot portraits and photographs of famous people
celebrity headshot portraits

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